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Treatment for suit and tie fetish.

Treatment for suit and tie fetish.
-Updated November 2, 2014-

Treatment for fetishism by wearing a suit and tie and by seeing other men dressed in suits and ties:

Do you remember when I told you that the cure of any homoerotic fetish was in subtracting erotic power to the libidinal object?

And that the only way to achieve it was wearing the fetish as long as it was not a source of sexual arousal to you?

But is it possible to wear a tie without it causes you sexual arousal and unwanted erections?

It would appear at first sight that there is no possibility due to stimulation of the neck, but of course that it is possible as soon as one is aware of as it may affect having a narrow collar buttoned.

The person may realize how tight the shirt collar is lifting his neck and thus know if the collar tightens him or not.

The tighter is the collar, the greater is sexual arousal and unwanted erections. As evidence is the erection of the penis and the preseminal fluid that is released after buttoning up the top button of a tight collar and tying the tie around the neck.

Returning to the beginning

How can you subtract the erotic power to the libidinal object (suit and tie fetish) if when you wear it, this causes you sexual arousal?

Remember when I said that what we get aroused about ourselves, we will get aroused by seeing it in others?

And if not, if we don't get aroused by wearing suits and ties, we will not get aroused by seeing other men wearing suits and ties.

So what's left to do? The thing is simple.

The treatment for fetishism is to wear a shir collar buttoned without it causes you sexual arousal.

How is this accomplished?

Contrary to what I said: "Wearing a tie too tight or having the top button of the shirt buttoned can provoke sexual arousal."

When you wear a shirt collar larger, sexual arousal is almost null, since there is no physical stimulation that stimulates your neck that provokes you sexual arousal.

If you want to wear a tie without it arouses you, you must wear a collar larger. Thus, you won´t feel sexual arousal.

You can realize how tight a collar is lifting your neck, so you know if the collar tighten you or not. 

What you should do is look you in the mirror, standing straight, looking at the front, without bending your head and see if your collar tightens your neck or not. In this position must be able to fit two fingers around the collar, but remember never lower your head, keep it upright looking straight ahead. Please keep right chin, looking squarely and with eyes looking straight ahead, not down or up. Once you have the right size of collar wear it that way and never will excite you more.

When you not get aroused by wearing a tie, you won´t get aroused by seeing other men wearing it, and fetishism by the suit and tie will be over. If possible, you wear everyday a shirt and tie with a right collar.

Here the following is true:

"Nobody goes in search of what oneself already has" as long as what oneself already has isn´t a source of sexual arousal.

Otherwise, if you get aroused by wearing a suit and tie, the condition is not met, since for you to wear a tie is a source of sexual arousal, even though you already have the tie.

If you still get aroused by wearing a suit and tie, you will go in search of other men who wear suits and ties, according to which "We only look for in another man that which arouses us about ourselves."

This is the cause of what is now commonly called homosexuality, which would originate in narcissism or homosexual fetishism, i.e. the own person is a source of sexual arousal for self, whenever he wears this or that object.

We therefore conclude that this is the first step in treatment for fetishism by wearing a suit and tie:

Wearing a suit and tie everyday with a proper collar without it tightens your neck.

Most of men who wear suits and ties report that they do not get aroused by wearing suits and ties, if they wear a collar larger buttoned.


Everyone who wear a TIGHT collar buttoned feels sexual arousal, and throughout the day, they have unwanted erections. As is also true that the person who wears a tight collar masturbates to get rid of sexual desire.

Buttoning a TIGHT shirt collar is the flame that ignites sexual desire, leading to additional paraphilias to the fetishism by wearing suits and ties.

Fetishism by wearing a suit and tie can be combined with other paraphilias, fetishes or BDSM.

As to fetishism and sexual arousal for your socks and dress shoes, or for  any clothing different to the necktie.

It could be due to two things:

1) May be due to the material your shoes and socks are made.

It is known that wearing nylon socks causes sexual arousal due to smooth and soft material of the socks that stimulate the feet.

The same applies to shoes, being that most of shoes are made of leather, when in contact with your feet, there is some stimulation of the same, which would result sexual arousal and unwanted erections.

2) It can also be due to the suit and tie fetishism:

I mean, it could be that your shoes by themselves do not create any sexual arousal, but in some cases that I have tried of formal shoes fetish often accompany the suit and tie fetishism.

The reason is that while you wear a suit and tie with a TIGHT collar shirt, sexual desire covers all your executive attire , which makes that dress shoes, cufflinks, executive socks, a vest, a jacket and everything else are sexually exciting. Therefore, many men who wear a TIGHT collar shirt every day end up being fetishists for the accessories that belong to the business attire.

Therefore, if any part of the executive attire arouses you, is because when you feel sexual arousal by the wear of the tight tie, your libido covers of sexual energy all your executive attire.

A tight collar would be the cause of sexual desire for the accessories of a suit and tie without showing any indication of being it.

So to conclude the treatment for suit and tie fetish is:

1) Wearing a suit and tie everyday  with a collar that don’t tighten your neck.

This is the only solution to fully integrate the libidinal object in oneself and so, subtract the erotic power to the libidinal object, which in this case would be a tight or a narrow collar.

Written by Rafael Medina.

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